Saturday, December 03, 2005

Complaint to the PCC re: Times article 14/7/05

As part of my efforts to uncover the facts behind the so-called London bombers movements on 7/7 I have come across many articles in our `esteemed` and allegedly `free` press that contain inaccurate and false information.

In the spirit of uncovering these facts and exposing the mis-information I have started to contact the Press Complaints Commission to have this information publicly corrected.

One such article appears on the Timesonline website dated 14/07/05 under the title CCTV pictures show London bus bomber and reports that Hasib Hussain is shown on CCTV mounting the stairs at Luton station before taking the 7.40 train to King's Cross.

This was not possible.

A comprehensive analysis of the events based on the few known facts of 7/7 can be found on the blog of The Antagonist.

I addressed the following complaint to the Press Complaints Commission

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to complain about the following publication: Timesonline

On the date of:July 14 2005

The Headline was: CCTV pictures show London bus bomber

My complaint details are as follows:

I believe the following section of the code has been breached by the Times.

i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures.
ii) A significant inaccuracy, mis-leading statement or distortion once recognised must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence, and - where appropriate - an apology published.

When they state the following:

Hasib Hussain, an 18-year-old from Leeds, is shown in a CCTV image mounting the stairs at Luton station before taking the 7.40am train to King's Cross.

This information is incorrect and misleading as no 7.40 train left Luton Station that morning and this information is readily available from Thameslink. In fact, no train left Luton thameslink after 7.40 that could have reached Kings X in time for these young men to board the underground trains.

The link to the article is:,,22989-1693797,00.html

Yours Sincerely

Bridget Dunne

If other concerned citizens complain about these inaccuracies and start asking for the true facts to be released the more likely we are to uncover the true story of the events of 7/7, because I for one remain unconvinced that what we are being told happened, actually was what did happen.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Complaint to the BBC re:: Horizon 27/10/05

Based on the information I have discovered about the train times on 7/7 and this article by The Antagonist, I have decided to challenge the media on their deceitful reporting of events. Along with the Freedom of Information Act, the Press Complaints Commission allow citizens like myself who are concerned with the truth, to challenge those in authority. This is somethng we ALL can do.

Horizon, trumpeted by the Beeb as their flagship science programme, graphically reported and reconstructed the so-called bombers movements from Luton Thameslink station. The information they gave was false.

I am awaiting a reply from the BBC to the following complaint:

On a recent Horizon programme entitled "The 7/7 Bombers – A Psychological Investigation What makes someone want to blow themselves – and others - up?", the presenter clearly states with graphic images of digital clocks the following incorrect information:

The so-called bombers caught the 7.48 from Luton, they arrived at Kings X at 8.26 and separated at 8.30 at Kings X underground.

According to the released time tables from Luton the 7.48 was running 20 minutes late and arrived at Kings X at 8.42, making it impossible for these young men to have carried out the attacks as shown in your documentary. In fact no train left Luton that morning at 7.48.

You state on the BBC website that Horizon is BBC Two's flagship 50-minute science documentary series, surely you would check these facts before showing a forensic psychologist making the supposedly same journey as we are told these 4 young men did?

I emailed Horizon but have as yet received no reply, I would like this factually incorrect information to be aknowledged and publicly corrected.

The more complaints that the BBC receive from those concerned with the truth, the nearer we may be to exposing this mass deceit and subsequent cover-up.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Luton Commuters Interviewed By Telegraph 14/7/05

Some comments have been left on this blog which assume that I have proved, via the timetables published here of the Thameslink services to Kings Cross on the morning of the 7/7/05, that 4 young men must have travelled on the 7.24 train which left Luton @ 7.25 arriving in Kings Cross @ 8.23.

As this is the only train that they could have taken to arrive at Kings Cross in time to board each of the underground trains, it seems the only conclusion which backs up the official version of events on and since that day.

I have continually asked every official source for the times of trains in the belief that any investigation would publish these facts in an appeal for witnesses.

For those that still believe that they travelled on the 7.25 train, perhaps they could explain the following article and why witnesses are being asked to remember whether they saw these men who would have travelled 23 minutes earlier.

If only we had been alert, say regulars on 7:48 to King's Cross Luton
By Amy Iggulden
(Filed: 14/07/2005)

Commuters from Luton to King's Cross yesterday struggled to remember the four British men who carried bombs on their train less than a week before.

As their morning newspapers confirmed that the suicide bombers had travelled on the packed Thameslink train service, bankers, secretaries and doctors on the 07:48 service to London contemplated the possibility that the worst terrorist attack in British history might have been averted if only they had seen something.

Ian Richardson, a 34-year-old business analyst from Woburn in Bedfordshire, takes the commuter service into London every day.

"I felt very shocked, very emotional, when I saw that the bombers had used my train," he said.

"Last Thursday was just another journey like any other. I didn't see anything suspicious, or unusual. I just wish I had."

Another passenger, a 28-year-old banker from Luton, said the bombers' link to the train meant commuters would be more vigilant.

"A lot of people will be asking themselves this morning if they could have seen someone or done something," he said.

But among the yawning crush of 800 or so commuters and tourists on the Gatwick-bound train - with barely room to draw breath, or turn around - four men with rucksacks and flat northern vowels would melt too easily into the crowd.

Audrey Platmore, 46, a secretary at Pricewaterhouse-Coopers in the City, said it was unlikely that anyone would recall seeing the terrorists. "It's frightening. But when you travel regularly you don't even look at people."

Others admitted that the number of tourists destined for Gatwick, or boarding the train at Luton Airport Parkway, meant that they took no notice of luggage, which they assumed would be packed with holiday gear.

But many commuters are now wary. Louise Burns, 22, from Harpenden, Herts, travelling to a PR firm in the City, said: "You trust that everyone is a commuter like you, or a tourist."

Lisa Rabbitt, a 23-year-old public relations officer from Johannesburg, South Africa, moved to England only five months ago to take a job in Oxford Circus.

"I was horrified, really scared that [the bombers] had taken this service. I had already stopped taking the Tube since last Thursday but I wasn't worried about the commuter train. Now I feel very nervous," she said.

Dr Paola Nicolaides, 43, a consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital, said: "I saw a man with a suitcase this morning and it really made me worried. Everyone now is scared and keeping watch."

After two trains were cancelled yesterday, the eight-carriage 07:48 service was fuller than usual. Two people fainted in the heat.

One Muslim man felt the pressure of the public gaze. Riaz Ahmed, 36, from Luton, said he was feeling increasingly uncomfortable.

"I have already experienced unwelcome attention on the train since the bombings. I know this will be worse now," he said.

Friday, October 28, 2005

An Interview With Fintan Dunne @

The following link will take you to an interview with Fintan Dunne (no relation by the way) at where we discuss the information that I have gathered during my investigation.

Full Interview in Audio below...
Listen to mp3 here on Stereo DSL
or Listen here on 56k Dialup
"The Next Level" Internet Radio Show
Dateline: Thursday 27th October 2005

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Reply from the Anti-Terrorist Branch

Dear Ms Bridget Dunne,

Freedom of Information Request Reference No: 2005080000735

I write in connection with your request for information which was received by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) on 30/08/2005. I note you seek access to the following information:

· Re: Events in London 7/7/2005. Why Police Web site does not give times that trains involved with Bombings left Kings Cross Station

I have seen and reviewed your original request which was responded to by Marion SIMEONE. I have also seen the e-mails which have passed between yourself and Ms Simeone.

I can see from your communications that you seek access to the precise details concerning the times which the various trains / tube-trains left the stations on the morning of the 7th July, and the times that the explosions occurred. You emphasis that you feel that you should be entitled to these details under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The information you are looking for is essentially already in the public domain. It was widely published in the media in July, and released in police appeals, including those which Ms Simeone brought to your attention. I would strongly recommend the BBC website, which not only gives the broad information you seek, but also gives written and pictorial accounts of the events of that morning and the days that followed. That may provide the material you seek. An enormous amount of information, accurate and otherwise, is already published on the internet.

I must however explain that the Freedom of Information Act does not generally open access to information held by the police related to ongoing investigations. An exemption exists under the Act (s30) which essentially states that information related to investigations shouldn't be released unless there is a compelling public interest. In fact there was a compelling public interest in making public information related to the London Bombings, including the details of the journey's concerned, and it was made public. You however are asking for a level of preciseness which we judge to take the 'public interest' no further. Whilst the precise times are known, and will be relevant to future Court hearings, whether a train departed at 0840 or 0845 would not in our judgement advance current public knowledge.

I need also to explain that the events you refer to are subject to both Criminal and Coroner's investigations. The Coroner in due dourse will hear the sort of details which you refer to as it is inportant evidence to the Coroner's inquest process. Coroner's Court hearings are normally held in Open when journalists and the public can be present. Subject to any directions made by the Coroner, he/she may authorise more detailed publication. The Freedom of Information Act does not generally provide open access to evidence in advance of Court proceedings.

You refer to the witness appeal process being aided by precise times. In fact were we to follow that process, we would potentially lose witnesses who might for example think they had nothing to contribute as they caught the 0841, not the 0843. Similarly we could be said to be 'influencing' witnesses by providing details which could then be incorporated into their accounts. The witness evidence gathering process is intended to be as neutral and uninfluenced as possible. For example, if a police appeal said 'we are looking for a blue car' when later events showed it to be green, 'preciseness' would have been extremely unhelpful and 'not in the public interest'. If you have information to provide in respect of the bombings, then we would welcome your information.

All the times I have shown in this response are purely illustruative.

You are of course perfectly entitled to follow the complaints procedure, but I have sought here to explain accurately and fairly the position in respect of events which we recognise have enormous public significance. I have also sought to explain the process by which we have balanced the public right to information against the need to ensure a fair judicial process. I believe the information available to you adequated meets your and the wider communities needs, and that the more scientific precise details will in course become public via the correct system, i.e. through the Courts.


Your attention is drawn to the attached sheet which details your right of complaint.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the MPS.

Should you have any further inquiries concerning this matter, please write or contact Neil Smith on telephone number 0207 239 2717 quoting the reference number above.

Yours sincerely

Neil Smith
Detective Inspector
Anti-Terrorist Branch
New Scotland Yard

Friday, October 14, 2005

Further Questions To The Met

I am waiting for a reply to the following questions from the Metropolitan Police, which I have been told will be answered on Monday 17/10, namely:
  • The time the train arrived at Kings X Thameslink station.
  • The times each of the trains that exploded left Kings X underground station.
  • The time the train left Luton Thameslink on the morning of the 7/7/05.

The interim response is as follows:
Dear Ms Dunne

Apologies for not responding earlier but due to operational commitments have been unable to speak with persons concerned with the possible information you are seeking. If you could bear with me until Monday 17th l should be able to respond with an answer


Marion Simeone SCD10 FOIA Compliance unit

I will post the reply as soon as I receive it and hopefully it will answer some of the remaining unanswered questions from that day.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Train Times From Kings X - at last!

After a rather convoluted journey via the Home Office and the Dept of Transport I at last received the following confirmation of the times that the trains left Kings X on the morning of the 7/7/05.

Subject: Re: train times on 7/7/05

Dear Bridget

Let me also apologise for the delay in responding to your query on the times of the trains that left King's Cross station on the morning of 7th July 2005.

I have been in touch with the British Transport Police and have managed to obtain the following information:

- the Eastbound Circle line train (204) left King's Cross at 08:35.
- the Westbound Circle line train (216) left King's Cross at 08:42
- the Piccadilly Line train south left King's Cross at 08:48

I trust the above is of use to you.

Vicky Hutchinson
Transport Security Directorate
Department for Transport
Zone 5/8 Southside
105 Victoria Street
Tel: 020 7944 2783
Fax: 020 7944 2174

Now I just need to find out the times of the Luton Thameslink trains to see if these times were possible on that morning given that we know that the 7.40 train that morning was cancelled, despite this being given as the official time these young men boarded the train to Kings X.

See the following table:

Thameslink Trains: Luton to Kings Cross on 7 July 2005
Official Timetable Actual 7 July Timetable
Depart Luton Arrive Kings Cross
Departure Time Arrive Kings Cross
7.04 7.40
1 or 3
7.04 (On Time) 7.40 (on time)
7.08 7.56
1 or 3
7.08 (On Time) 8.26 (30 mins late)
7.16 7.48
1 or 3
7.21 (5 minutes late) 8.19 (31 mins late)
7.20 8.08
1 or 3
7.20 (On Time) 8.15 (7 mins late)
7.24 8.00
1 or 3
7.25 8.23 (23 mins late)
7.30 8.04
7.42 (12 minutes late) 8.39 (35 mins late)
7.40 8.16
Cancelled Cancelled
7.46 8.28
Cancelled Cancelled
7.48 8.20
7.56 (8 mins late) 8.42 (22 mins late)
7.56 8.32
Cancelled Cancelled

As the letter from the Department of Transport and the table show, the 7.40am train did not run from Luton to Kings Cross on the morning of 7 July. News sources say the alleged bombers boarded the 7.40 that morning, or the 7.48. The 7.48am train left Luton 8 minutes late and arrived at Kings Cross at 8.42 - a total of 22 minutes later than the scheduled arrival time of 8.20. By 8.42am that morning two of the trains had already left Kings Cross.

"They boarded the 7.48am to London carrying return tickets."

Source: Independent

"The four bombers had travelled together on the 7.40am train from Luton to King's Cross before going their different ways."

Source: Telegraph

"Hasib Hussain, an 18-year-old from Leeds, is shown in a CCTV image mounting the stairs at Luton station before taking the 7.40am train to King's Cross."

I have now contacted the Metropolitan Police to try and confirm what time the train left Luton Thameslink.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Further Correspondence with Brian Coleman

Brian Coleman, the Greater London Authority representative for Camden, the borough in which I live in London as well as 2 out of the 3 stations affected that morning sent me another courteous reply to a follow up to my previous enquiry.

Dear Mr Coleman

I noticed that in the Daily Telegraph in an article questioning the leadership of the Justice4Jean campaign, you are quoted as saying

"Brian Coleman, a Conservative member of the London Assembly, has questioned the way the campaign has apparently become political, a claim the organisers deny.

He said: "There are a lot of questions Londoners need answers to. But I say this to the family: don't allow yourselves to be distracted by the extreme Left-wing agenda."

Yes Mr Coleman there are questions Londoners need answers to and as the member for Camden I asked you if you could explain why I am unable to find out at what time the trains left Kings Cross the morning of July 7th and you answered that you saw no point to the correspondence.

If you would like to check out my blog The Mysterious Case of The Non-Existent Train Time found here http://bridgetdunnes.blogspotcom/ you will see why answering my question may be of more use to Londoners than your opinions on the leadership of the Justice4Jean campaign.

Yours Sincerely

Ms Bridget Dunne

Mr Coleman's Reply :

Please cease e mailing me further correspondence will be treated under the vexacious communications policy of this Authority and please remove my name from your web site that appears to serve no useful purpose whatsoever
To Mr Coleman and all the other elected representatives or public servants that I have contacted in my vain attempt to establish the times these trains left Kings Cross, or any other fact that I choose to pursue given the total lack of these, if you find my questions vexacious, tough, I intend to go on asking until I receive an answer.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Brian Coleman Camden GLA Member

Very short and sweet this correspondence, well from Mr Colemans` side at least. Here you go:

I really don't see the point of this correspondence and will not be pursuing it.

I had asked Mr Coleman:
Dear Mr Coleman

Thank you for answering my email. My point is that this information is not in the public arena, at least not anywhere that I can find it.

I am suprised because the Metropolitan Police website has issued the times that the no 30 bus left Marble Arch and the times that it was at each stop. This makes sense because people get off and on buses and most commuters do notice what times their trains and buses arrive, as they are generally going to work. How else would someone know that they were on the same bus that exploded at a later time?

This same logic surely applies to the trains? I can't understand why the train times aren't made available (which LU have confirmed that they have) in the appeal for witnesses? Given that tube trains can run every 3 to 4 minutes during the rush hour, wouldn't this make sense if, for instance, a person had got on and sat next to the suspected bomber but got off the train 2 or 3 stops before, would they necessarily know that they had been on the same train? Especially as it wasn't generally known until around 10 a.m. that these incidents had occurred. Or perhaps they would remember being on the same platform at Kings Cross.

It just seems very strange that I am unable to find this information from any source which leads me to wonder WHY?

Yours Faithfully
Ms Bridget Dunne

Thursday, September 08, 2005

British Transport Police

As the Metropolitan Police did not see fit to provide this information I contacted the British Transport Police who are based in Tavistock Square, close to the Number 30 bus bomb blast. They had been travelling close behind the bus on that morning:
British Transport Police
20 July 2005
I wanted to express my appreciation for the outstanding assistance from the doctors and staff at the BMA following the atrocious attack on the bus outside your premises on 7 July.

Three of my officers were travelling behind the bus when the bomb exploded, and were the first officers on the scene. Whilst they began to rescue passengers from the bus, your staff immediately sprang into action assessing and treating the casualties.

Their response was first class and I would be grateful if you could pass on our gratitude to all those concerned.

Ian Johnston, CBE, QPM
Chief Constable, British Transport Police, Tavistock Place, London
'Your thoughts', BMA Web site

Could they help with my request for the train times? They replied:

Thanks for your message.

I am afraid that this is not our inquiry so I cannot comment. You will need to go back to the Metropolitan Police.


Simon Lubin
Media Relations
British Transport Police
15 Tavistock Place
London WC1H 9SY
Tel: 020 7830 8854
Fax: 020 7830 8935
Mob: 07771 670116

-----Original Message-----

Subject: London Bombings

Dear Mr Lubin

I have been attempting with no success to clarify some facts relating to the events in London on the morning of the 7th July 2005.

The trains all left Kings Cross that morning yet I have been unable to ascertain the precise times that they departed. Given that there were major delays on those lines earlier that morning, it seems pointless to refer to the timetable. This information should be in the public domain to ensure witnesses can come forward.

Commuters generally know the time that they were at any given point as they make their way to work.

I have also been unable to access any information on the times that they boarded or left the Thameslink train between Luton and Kings Cross on that morning.

As all the above is important for eye-witnesses to come forward I do not understand why this information is unavailable.

I have contacted TFL and the Metropolitan Police, but neither will make this information available and I can only begin to wonder, Why?

I sincerely hope you can help with my enquiry, as the answers to my questions hardly seem to require secrecy,

Yours Sincerely
Ms Bridget Dunne

Another dead end....where next can I try?

Monday, September 05, 2005

The Metropolitan Police reply

After checking their website regularly the Met do not think it necessary to appeal for witnesses by publishing the times of the trains either.

I contacted them to ask why and whether they could give me this information, by this time I'm wondering if this is some kind of state secret.
Dear Mr/Ms Bridget Dunne

Freedom of Information Request Reference No: 2005080000735

I write in connection with your request for information dated 30/08/2005 which was received by this unit of the Metropolitan Police Service on 30/08/2005. I note you seek access to the following information:

Re: Events in London 7/7/2005. Police Web site does not give times that trains involved with Bombings left Kings Cross Station.

Following receipt of your request searches were conducted within the MPS to locate information relevant to your request.


The information requested falls under a MPS 'normal business process' and is therefore unavailable under the Act.


Section 21 of the Act provides:

(1) Information which is reasonably accessible to the applicant otherwise than under section 1 is exempt information…

The information you have requested is 'reasonably accessible' elsewhere on Transport for London Site

Now if I were asking the Metropolitan police for information on how to get from A to B I would expect to be directed to TFL's journey planner. But this is a major murder investigation into how 56 people have lost their lives.

Surely the victims, their families and friends would expect that an investigation into what happened on that fateful morning might have this information and that it would be readily available, surely it is not insignificant.

I understand that police work and investigations depend increasingly on forensics and psychological profiling and perhaps the name of this blog indicates a more old fashioned type of investigation in the mode of Sherlock Holmes where the facts are gathered and then examined.

By contrast we are told on the Metropolitan Police website that:
The bus started its journey at Marble Arch at 9 o'clock. By five past nine it was in Gloucester Place, and at ten past nine in the Marylebone Road. By 9.30am it was in the Euston Road near the junction with Gower Street, heading East. The closure of Kings Cross Station, because of the attack on the Underground, meant that the bus had to be diverted from its normal route , to travel south into Woburn Place and Tavistock Square. [Metropolitan Police]

So the Met see fit to tell us at what time the number 30 bus had left Marble Arch but not what times the trains left Kings Cross. Surely the time that the bus exploded at 9.47 am was the only significant fact if I follow the logic of the London Underground reply?

Friday, September 02, 2005

Reply From London Underground

I felt too heartsick to post this yesterday, after seeing the suffering of those poor souls in New Orleans. In the spirit of trying to unravel what evil forces are and have been unleashed on the world and who exactly is behind all these events I will continue on my quest for a few simple truths. See title of this blog and the reasons for this blog

My query to the Mayor's Office was passed to London Underground and this is the reply I received:
Dear Ms Dunne

Thank you for writing to the Mayor recently with your concerns about the Tube.

Your e-mail has been logged at his office and passed to me to answer from London Underground's point of view.

I am sorry for the delay getting back to you. I'm sure you'll understand that we have a large volume of correspondence to deal with at the moment.

I'll answer your questions in the order and form you asked them.

1. Yes, all Tube trains have radio contact with their line control.

2. I'm sorry, but I find this question a little strange because it seems to assume that the drivers did not alert the control centre. I'm not sure what information you base this assumption on, but it isn't accurate. Our network control had been alerted to all the incidents within minutes of them happening. Your question also seems to assume that the drivers would have known instantly that the incidents were bombs, but this also isn't the case. They reported what they knew, often the symptoms rather than the cause (so to speak), which itself may not have beenimmediately clear.

3. Mercifully, no member of our staff was injured in any of the explosions. I understand that there was damage to the cab of at least one train where the windows were shattered.

4. Again, I'm afraid it's not accurate to say that the information given about a power surge was a 'story'. When the explosions happened, obviously they broke the track circuit. On the computer systems at network control, such a big break would look the same as a power surge. It's worth pointing out that we have never been the victim of a terrorist attack of this kind before, but on 28 August 2003 a power surge knocked out about half of the network. Such a surge can beaccompanied by explosions. In other words, all the evidence we had at the time (including the information from the drivers) and our experience pointed to a power surge, so that's what we said it was. This information was given in good faith.

I am dismayed by reports in certain sections of the media that the term power surge was used as some kind of cover story until we were ready to reveal the truth. Indeed, I have to say that I take issue with calling it a 'story', as this seems to imply that we deliberately misled people. This is nonsense. As soon as we had evidence of what had actually happened, we made that information public.

5. Most trains now have CCTV and it is being added to older trains as they are refurbished and fitted on new trains as standard. You may have seen the images from train CCTV of the 21 July Oval suspect.

6. I understand your point about the time helping eye witnesses. It is now clear that all three explosions were between 8.50 and 8.51am. Of course we have the track data to know exactly when each train left each station, but I think that any eye witnesses should concentrate on the run up to the key time of 8.50am.

I hope that I have answered your questions, clarified the situation and set your mind at rest.

Please contact us again if you need any help from London Underground in the future.

Yours sincerely

Robert Wolstenholme
Customer Service Advisor
Customer Service Centre
0845 330 9880

Well thank you Mr Wolstenholme, but that left me more confused than when I started asking these questions. The control centre knew instantly via the drivers that these incidents had occurred. Yet Transport For London's press release on their own web site states:
14:25 Transport for London Update

Latest information confirms that there were four incidents on London's transport network this morning, three on London Underground and one on London Buses. At 09:46, the London Underground was suspended and all stations commenced evacuation following incidents at:

Aldgate station heading towards Liverpool Street station on the Hammersmith & City line;

Russell Square station heading towards Kings Cross station on the Piccadilly line;

Edgware Road station heading towards Paddington station on the Hammersmith & City line.

So on 7th July 2005 at 14.25 pm the trains were not only all travelling towards Kings Cross but were also on the Hammersmith & City Line not as we are later told, the Circle line. The times were also published on many sites over the following days as:
7/7 Attack on London Underground:
There were three explosions on London Underground today, 7th July 2005, believed to be the work of Islamic terrorists, although this is not confirmed.
The first took place on a train between Aldgate East and Liverpool Street at 08:51, the second between Kings Cross and Russell Square on the Piccadil0ly Line at 08:56 and the third at Edgware Road at 09:17. Deaths are currently repoorted to be 7 at Liverpool Street, 21 at Kings Cross and 7 at Edgware Road. We should also not forget there are two more deaths reported as a result of a fourth explosion on a Route 30 Bus at Woburn Place near Russell Square. [Tubeprune]

Terrorist Attacks on the Capital Published: 08/07/05

The following details have been provided by the Metropolitan Police as an outline of events on Thursday 7 July 2005. At 08.15 on 7 July there was an explosion in a train carriage 100 yards from Liverpool Street Sation. At 08.56 there was another incident as Kings Cross/ Russell Square. Both stations were used to bring out casualties. At Kings Cross there were 7 confirmed fatalities, 10 people seriously injured and 100 walking wounded. At 09.17 there was an explosion on a train coming into Edgeware Road underground station approximately 100 yards into the tunnel. Five fatalities were confirmed. [GOS News Archive]

Now I can understand that chaos may well reign during these kinds of events and communications can break down. Yet there was an exercise carried out as recently as April 2005 entitled Exercise Atlantic Blue details of which are on the Home Office website. How many people took part in the exercise? What organisations did they represent?

Around 2500 people were involved in the planning and delivery of Exercise Atlantic Blue. These included representatives from the Home Office and other Government Departments, the Metropolitan Police Service and a wide variety of London agencies including emergency services, utilities and local government. [Home Office]

Anti-terror drill revealed soft targets in London

Mark Townsend and Gaby Hinsliff
Sunday July 10, 2005
The Observer

A massive anti-terror exercise carried out last April to find out how safe London's transport systems were from attack raised concern over the vulnerability of passengers, The Observer can reveal. [Observer]

For anyone who wonders why I continually bang on about what times the trains left Kings Cross that morning let me just say: given all of the above why wouldn't I? And why can I not find the answer?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Having been a shop steward at one time for the GMTWU and a fervent union supporter my first port of call was to contact Bob Crowes' RMT as they represent the train drivers.

Could they help in giving me the information that I requested? Here is the reply:
Dear Ms Dunne,

The times are well publicized in the national press. I would suggest you access their websites or read the papers today, which is rammed full of information

0800 376 3706

Well, actually they are not and I wasn't sure about the aggressive tone either. 'The papers is... rammed full,' eh?

I sent the following reply which was ignored.
Thank you for the prompt reply to my email but unfortunately the times of the trains leaving Kings Cross on the 7/7 is precisely nowhere that I can find, neither newspaper or website. I can't understand why it isn't in the public domain.

Yours Faithfully
Bridget Dunne

The Reason For This Blog

I have only one reason for starting this blog. It is to ascertain the facts behind the events in London on and since the 7th July 2005.

I have made many attempts to ascertain a few simple facts (and therefore truths) about the events on that morning.

Simply, what times did the trains leave Kings Cross that morning? You might think this was too obvious a question and that the answer would be easily available. But, no! It would appear to be totally absent from any newspaper or website, including that of the Metropolitan Police.

I will share with you all the replies that I have received and hope to receive from my enquiries.

Please aid me in this important quest for the truth. If you have any information or have made your own inquiries add them to this blog and hopefully together we can get to the true facts behind these events.