Friday, September 09, 2005

Brian Coleman Camden GLA Member

Very short and sweet this correspondence, well from Mr Colemans` side at least. Here you go:

I really don't see the point of this correspondence and will not be pursuing it.

I had asked Mr Coleman:
Dear Mr Coleman

Thank you for answering my email. My point is that this information is not in the public arena, at least not anywhere that I can find it.

I am suprised because the Metropolitan Police website has issued the times that the no 30 bus left Marble Arch and the times that it was at each stop. This makes sense because people get off and on buses and most commuters do notice what times their trains and buses arrive, as they are generally going to work. How else would someone know that they were on the same bus that exploded at a later time?

This same logic surely applies to the trains? I can't understand why the train times aren't made available (which LU have confirmed that they have) in the appeal for witnesses? Given that tube trains can run every 3 to 4 minutes during the rush hour, wouldn't this make sense if, for instance, a person had got on and sat next to the suspected bomber but got off the train 2 or 3 stops before, would they necessarily know that they had been on the same train? Especially as it wasn't generally known until around 10 a.m. that these incidents had occurred. Or perhaps they would remember being on the same platform at Kings Cross.

It just seems very strange that I am unable to find this information from any source which leads me to wonder WHY?

Yours Faithfully
Ms Bridget Dunne

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