Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Having been a shop steward at one time for the GMTWU and a fervent union supporter my first port of call was to contact Bob Crowes' RMT as they represent the train drivers.

Could they help in giving me the information that I requested? Here is the reply:
Dear Ms Dunne,

The times are well publicized in the national press. I would suggest you access their websites or read the papers today, which is rammed full of information

0800 376 3706

Well, actually they are not and I wasn't sure about the aggressive tone either. 'The papers is... rammed full,' eh?

I sent the following reply which was ignored.
Thank you for the prompt reply to my email but unfortunately the times of the trains leaving Kings Cross on the 7/7 is precisely nowhere that I can find, neither newspaper or website. I can't understand why it isn't in the public domain.

Yours Faithfully
Bridget Dunne

The Reason For This Blog

I have only one reason for starting this blog. It is to ascertain the facts behind the events in London on and since the 7th July 2005.

I have made many attempts to ascertain a few simple facts (and therefore truths) about the events on that morning.

Simply, what times did the trains leave Kings Cross that morning? You might think this was too obvious a question and that the answer would be easily available. But, no! It would appear to be totally absent from any newspaper or website, including that of the Metropolitan Police.

I will share with you all the replies that I have received and hope to receive from my enquiries.

Please aid me in this important quest for the truth. If you have any information or have made your own inquiries add them to this blog and hopefully together we can get to the true facts behind these events.