Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Having been a shop steward at one time for the GMTWU and a fervent union supporter my first port of call was to contact Bob Crowes' RMT as they represent the train drivers.

Could they help in giving me the information that I requested? Here is the reply:
Dear Ms Dunne,

The times are well publicized in the national press. I would suggest you access their websites or read the papers today, which is rammed full of information

0800 376 3706

Well, actually they are not and I wasn't sure about the aggressive tone either. 'The papers is... rammed full,' eh?

I sent the following reply which was ignored.
Thank you for the prompt reply to my email but unfortunately the times of the trains leaving Kings Cross on the 7/7 is precisely nowhere that I can find, neither newspaper or website. I can't understand why it isn't in the public domain.

Yours Faithfully
Bridget Dunne

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Anonymous said...

what is the rmt and i too got a clear hint of aggresion in the news ,media and "some" blogers not mentioning any names (attrition).