Thursday, September 08, 2005

British Transport Police

As the Metropolitan Police did not see fit to provide this information I contacted the British Transport Police who are based in Tavistock Square, close to the Number 30 bus bomb blast. They had been travelling close behind the bus on that morning:
British Transport Police
20 July 2005
I wanted to express my appreciation for the outstanding assistance from the doctors and staff at the BMA following the atrocious attack on the bus outside your premises on 7 July.

Three of my officers were travelling behind the bus when the bomb exploded, and were the first officers on the scene. Whilst they began to rescue passengers from the bus, your staff immediately sprang into action assessing and treating the casualties.

Their response was first class and I would be grateful if you could pass on our gratitude to all those concerned.

Ian Johnston, CBE, QPM
Chief Constable, British Transport Police, Tavistock Place, London
'Your thoughts', BMA Web site

Could they help with my request for the train times? They replied:

Thanks for your message.

I am afraid that this is not our inquiry so I cannot comment. You will need to go back to the Metropolitan Police.


Simon Lubin
Media Relations
British Transport Police
15 Tavistock Place
London WC1H 9SY
Tel: 020 7830 8854
Fax: 020 7830 8935
Mob: 07771 670116

-----Original Message-----

Subject: London Bombings

Dear Mr Lubin

I have been attempting with no success to clarify some facts relating to the events in London on the morning of the 7th July 2005.

The trains all left Kings Cross that morning yet I have been unable to ascertain the precise times that they departed. Given that there were major delays on those lines earlier that morning, it seems pointless to refer to the timetable. This information should be in the public domain to ensure witnesses can come forward.

Commuters generally know the time that they were at any given point as they make their way to work.

I have also been unable to access any information on the times that they boarded or left the Thameslink train between Luton and Kings Cross on that morning.

As all the above is important for eye-witnesses to come forward I do not understand why this information is unavailable.

I have contacted TFL and the Metropolitan Police, but neither will make this information available and I can only begin to wonder, Why?

I sincerely hope you can help with my enquiry, as the answers to my questions hardly seem to require secrecy,

Yours Sincerely
Ms Bridget Dunne

Another dead end....where next can I try?


The Antagonist said...

"Three of my officers were travelling behind the bus when the bomb exploded, and were the first officers on the scene."

Which, technically, also means they were already on the scene before the explosion of the Number 30 bus.

Anonymous said...

You might get more information by reading the articles posted on my website: London Bombings.htm Summary Execution In London.htm Footage - An Analysis.htm

(URLs my wrap. Leave the spacing intact)

As an ex-London Bus Driver I can tell you more than I explain in those articles.

For example, it is STANDARD PRACTICE (and cause for disciplinary procedue which would lead to instant sacking in the event of a fatal injury) for a Bus Driver NOT to stop, and clear his bus of passengers IMMEDIATELY he expects - or is led to expect - any safety hazard.

In point of fact a Driver could easily lose his PCV licence for this.

Consequently the police (who diverted him) could not have given the Driver any inkling in this respect.

So why did they divert him, without recommending the standard 'safety precautions'? Presumably because THEY weren't advised as to why they had to issue the diversion instructions.

However, SOMEONE - IN THE POLICE FORCE - must have known WHY ... otherwise there was no reason to tail or divert the bus.

(By the way, I imply that the Bus was tailed in my August 2005 article, above)

There is more information I can supply, via

Anonymous said...

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