Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Further Correspondence with Brian Coleman

Brian Coleman, the Greater London Authority representative for Camden, the borough in which I live in London as well as 2 out of the 3 stations affected that morning sent me another courteous reply to a follow up to my previous enquiry.

Dear Mr Coleman

I noticed that in the Daily Telegraph in an article questioning the leadership of the Justice4Jean campaign, you are quoted as saying

"Brian Coleman, a Conservative member of the London Assembly, has questioned the way the campaign has apparently become political, a claim the organisers deny.

He said: "There are a lot of questions Londoners need answers to. But I say this to the family: don't allow yourselves to be distracted by the extreme Left-wing agenda."

Yes Mr Coleman there are questions Londoners need answers to and as the member for Camden I asked you if you could explain why I am unable to find out at what time the trains left Kings Cross the morning of July 7th and you answered that you saw no point to the correspondence.

If you would like to check out my blog The Mysterious Case of The Non-Existent Train Time found here http://bridgetdunnes.blogspotcom/ you will see why answering my question may be of more use to Londoners than your opinions on the leadership of the Justice4Jean campaign.

Yours Sincerely

Ms Bridget Dunne

Mr Coleman's Reply :

Please cease e mailing me further correspondence will be treated under the vexacious communications policy of this Authority and please remove my name from your web site that appears to serve no useful purpose whatsoever
To Mr Coleman and all the other elected representatives or public servants that I have contacted in my vain attempt to establish the times these trains left Kings Cross, or any other fact that I choose to pursue given the total lack of these, if you find my questions vexacious, tough, I intend to go on asking until I receive an answer.


The Antagonist said...

The same Brian Coleman, perhaps, that was Deputy-Chair for a meeting on Wednesday 19 January 2005, held at City Hall, where item '14. Complaints Monitoring - 1 April 2004 and 30 September 2004)', sought to provide:

"in particular, guidance on how Freedom of Information related complaints should be dealt with and a link to the policy for dealing with vexatious, abusive and discriminatory behaviour from the public" [Source: PDF]

Anonymous said...

how,who,where,why,what,when ow my head hurts please make this murky water clearer

Anonymous said...

hi bridget - i just stumbled across an old Times article "article which says: "Khan caught the 8.43 Circle Line train in the direction of Edgware Road."

Bridget said...

Hi Lukery

Thanks for the link don't know how I could have missed that article as it has a lot of information in it.
I just checked the tfl journey planner and the journey between Kings Cross and Edgware Road takes a minimum of 9 minutes, assuming there are no stops in tunnels etc which would mean the bomb exploded at 8.52. According to the information I have already gathered the bombs exploded between 8.50 and 8.51.
There is also evidence that they could not have boarded the 7.40 train at Luton and arrived at Kings Cross at the times stated.(see Luton time table on julyseventh site).
This whole things doesn't stack up does it.
Which is perhaps why I am unable to get the answer to the question What Time Did The Trains Leave Kings Cross?

Anonymous said...

Bridget - theres also this:
"The Circle Line bombs detonated when the Aldgate train was eight minutes east of King’s Cross and the Edgware Road train was eight minutes to the west. The Russell Square train was blown up seconds later, south of King’s Cross on the Piccadilly Line."

the 2 pieces that ive mentioned are the only pieces that ive seen that mention the times - so who knows?

Anonymous said...

***PROVE*** that the official story is false, and they'll do something nastier to you than shoot you seven times in the head.

I am amused by all those people that begin to understand just how bad things actually are, but then think that they are IMMUNE to danger themselves.

To a man responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands in Iraq since the invasion, a few dead bodies in London to further his political aims is nothing.

Please be very, very careful. Things are far worse today than a few months ago, and will be far worse again if another few months. Understand this- they play for keeps, and when they come for you, you will be so very alone and helpless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous for the comment or rather advice (hope it isn't meant as a threat!)

There are a few things that I try to keep in mind.

1. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

2. George Orwell said: In times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

I also wonder what I would have done in Germany during the rise of fascism, kept quiet or spoken out, because for evil to triumph it only takes good people to say and do nothing.

And never forget, we are many they are few.

Anonymous said...

***PROVE***'s comments are a threat. Make no mistake about it! His eyecatching exercise worked, followed by the duality of his pseudo-message. Clearly Bridget has realised as much.

Be steadfast Bridget. Such threats are perhaps inevitable as you get close to exposing their festering rotton lies, and in fact, they add to the growing body of their heinous crimes.

Also, people will try and distract you, throw you disinformation and try to lull you into time wasting activities. What's remarkable is you seen to be handling all this so well.

Thank God for people like you.