Friday, October 28, 2005

An Interview With Fintan Dunne @

The following link will take you to an interview with Fintan Dunne (no relation by the way) at where we discuss the information that I have gathered during my investigation.

Full Interview in Audio below...
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Dateline: Thursday 27th October 2005


Bridget said...

I have received the following email from Mark Cross who has checked with Thameslink the details of the 7.48 am Luton train on 7/7/05.

From: Mark Cross []
Sent: 27 October 2005 23:34
To: Chris HUDSON
Subject: The 07:48 on July 7th 2005

Dear Chris,

Please could you reconfirm for my benefit that the 07:48 on July 7th 2005
from Luton actually left at 07:56.
Arriving at King's Cross Thameslink @ 08:42?

Best regards,

Mark Cross
Totnes, Devon

Reason for asking:

Sent: Friday, October 28, 2005 9:22 AM
Subject: RE: The 07:48 on July 7th 2005

Dear Mr Cross

I can confirm that the details in my e-mail on the website you refer to are correct.

Yours sincerely

Chris Hudson
Communications Manager
Thameslink Rail Limited
Thanks Mark, I see you too are discovering the power of harvesting information by email!
Seriously though, these train times are blowing huge holes through the 'official' version of events.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent interview it is, too - listening to it is one of the best ways people who don't yet understand the complexities of the real 7-7 story could get a handle on it. I've put up a link on my blog.

Social Democracy Now.

War On Suckers said...

I'm pleased to have found your blog. There will certainly be as many annomalies in the 7-7 story as were in the 9-11 story.

I enjoyed listening to your interview with Fintan Dunne but have a question. It sounded to me that the later part of the interview was heavily edited and some of your replies are missing. Is this the case? Is all the dialogue from the interview there or is some of it missing?

Keep up the good work!

War On Suckers said...

In the interview, Fintan mentions how there was apparently a hole in floor of the train with the steel bent upwards. You may interested in adding some of these images to your blog. These abc news photos should be very relevant.

Bridget said...

Hi War On Suckers

Thanks for the comments, and yes, there are many discrepancies in ALL the suicide bomber stories that we are being asked to believe. Break For News have just done a brilliant expose of the Jordan hotel bombs with information that I have not seen in any other media.
The interview was edited mainly because I often couldn't hear Fintan's questions and you would have heard me say "Sorry Fintan I didn't catch that could you repeat the question" a few more times. It is a true record of what I said though and I am grateful to Fintan for giving me the opportunity to reach more people than I can through this blog.

I will have a closer look at all the information on your blog which looks great.

The hole in the floor story was from Bruce Lait

Anonymous said...

Did you realise your links list contains both Fintan Dunne and one of the many many websites he has labelled a CIA disinformation site designed to discredit investigations of terrorist attacks?