Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Complaint to the BBC re:: Horizon 27/10/05

Based on the information I have discovered about the train times on 7/7 and this article by The Antagonist, I have decided to challenge the media on their deceitful reporting of events. Along with the Freedom of Information Act, the Press Complaints Commission allow citizens like myself who are concerned with the truth, to challenge those in authority. This is somethng we ALL can do.

Horizon, trumpeted by the Beeb as their flagship science programme, graphically reported and reconstructed the so-called bombers movements from Luton Thameslink station. The information they gave was false.

I am awaiting a reply from the BBC to the following complaint:

On a recent Horizon programme entitled "The 7/7 Bombers – A Psychological Investigation What makes someone want to blow themselves – and others - up?", the presenter clearly states with graphic images of digital clocks the following incorrect information:

The so-called bombers caught the 7.48 from Luton, they arrived at Kings X at 8.26 and separated at 8.30 at Kings X underground.

According to the released time tables from Luton the 7.48 was running 20 minutes late and arrived at Kings X at 8.42, making it impossible for these young men to have carried out the attacks as shown in your documentary. In fact no train left Luton that morning at 7.48.

You state on the BBC website that Horizon is BBC Two's flagship 50-minute science documentary series, surely you would check these facts before showing a forensic psychologist making the supposedly same journey as we are told these 4 young men did?

I emailed Horizon but have as yet received no reply, I would like this factually incorrect information to be aknowledged and publicly corrected.

The more complaints that the BBC receive from those concerned with the truth, the nearer we may be to exposing this mass deceit and subsequent cover-up.


Bridget said...

Progress report on complaint to BBC:

The BBC claim to deal with complaints within 10 working days, yet this complaint is still 'pending' from 29/11/05.

I have contacted the BBC twice and am assured that I will have a reply soon.

Bridget said...

Update on Horizon programme complaint to the BBC:


I rang the BBC again today and am informed that Ms Alison Wilson of the specialist complaints team is still investigating my complaint.

The BBC have no time limit within their complaints procedure other than to attempt to deal with complaints within 10 working days.

It is not possible to complain to OFCOM about the BBC if the complaint is about inaccuracies.