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Complaint to the PCC re: Times article 14/7/05

As part of my efforts to uncover the facts behind the so-called London bombers movements on 7/7 I have come across many articles in our `esteemed` and allegedly `free` press that contain inaccurate and false information.

In the spirit of uncovering these facts and exposing the mis-information I have started to contact the Press Complaints Commission to have this information publicly corrected.

One such article appears on the Timesonline website dated 14/07/05 under the title CCTV pictures show London bus bomber and reports that Hasib Hussain is shown on CCTV mounting the stairs at Luton station before taking the 7.40 train to King's Cross.

This was not possible.

A comprehensive analysis of the events based on the few known facts of 7/7 can be found on the blog of The Antagonist.

I addressed the following complaint to the Press Complaints Commission

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to complain about the following publication: Timesonline

On the date of:July 14 2005

The Headline was: CCTV pictures show London bus bomber

My complaint details are as follows:

I believe the following section of the code has been breached by the Times.

i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures.
ii) A significant inaccuracy, mis-leading statement or distortion once recognised must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence, and - where appropriate - an apology published.

When they state the following:

Hasib Hussain, an 18-year-old from Leeds, is shown in a CCTV image mounting the stairs at Luton station before taking the 7.40am train to King's Cross.

This information is incorrect and misleading as no 7.40 train left Luton Station that morning and this information is readily available from Thameslink. In fact, no train left Luton thameslink after 7.40 that could have reached Kings X in time for these young men to board the underground trains.

The link to the article is:,,22989-1693797,00.html

Yours Sincerely

Bridget Dunne

If other concerned citizens complain about these inaccuracies and start asking for the true facts to be released the more likely we are to uncover the true story of the events of 7/7, because I for one remain unconvinced that what we are being told happened, actually was what did happen.


Anonymous said...

Bridget. Hi.

I'm surprised at the lack of comments on your site, as your site is well respected and referenced in the alternative media.

Nevertheless, on to my main point.

Have you still not had a reply from the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) or from the BBC's Horizon team?

If not, and in light of your all your excellent truth seeking, I was wondering when or if the conclusion can be drawn that its the authorities are actually involved in the 7/7 bombing?

Bridget said...

Hi Anonymous

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.

Yes, I have had an aknowledgement of my complaint to the PCC and am just awaiting the outcome of their inquiries. Nothing as yet from either Horizon or the BBC so I'll be chasing them up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply Bridget.

Errrm... and the answer to my second question? *grin*.

It's ok, I understand if you are hesitant to answer, as either the mainstream media would be then use any comment to marginalise you, to push you to the 'loopy fringe', casuing your very public quest for the truth to be hampered, or alternatively, believers in the conspiracy will lose heart.

At the appropriate time, I would dearly like to hear your answer.

In the mean time, continue on your mission to stop the obstruction of justice and denial of information the public servants are engagin in.

Deeply respectfully...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bridget,

I found your site this morning after searching for 'no public enquiry into 7th July'.

I am heartened to know that you are continuing to campaign for the truth. I will check back to your site.

May I recommend the forum at which is involved with exposing the lies associated with the American terror attacks, which also has a forum section on 7/7 which is quite active.

Best Wishes.


Anonymous said...

I've followed this site (and also your letters in the CNJ) and I'm interested in the issue; I will certainly be writing to our GLA member to ask him not to abuse the "vexatious correspondence" policy to try and stop legitimate enquiries from the people who pay his wages.

However, I do wonder a bit what the point of it all is. Since the four youths did in fact die on the 7/7 trains (if not, where are they?), we know that they got onto them. So I confess to not understanding why it's so important to prove that they couldn't have got onto them in one particular way?

Anonymous said...

On this mornings BBC1 Breakfast News, there was an interview with a man named Crispin Black, an ex intelligence Officer who was being interviewed re. the lack of a 7/7 public enquiry. He was calling for such a public enquiry, as well as a member of the Muslim Council of GB.

Doing some further net research on Mr Black turns up the fact that he seems to be an honest ex intel Officer, calling for the truth. It may be worth contacting him for any assistance on your research Bridget.

As the previous poster says, one can get too caught up wth the details (even though they are important - the lack of a satisfactory response from the authorities & the way they dismiss the info requests shows this).

A concerted effort to call for a public enquiry is required.




Waging war on Iraq brought terror to UK, says expert
By Neil Mackay, Investigations Editor, Sunday Herald

THE conduct of the British police and intelligence services over the July 7 London bombings was a “massive failure from start to finish” for which the government must take the blame.
This withering criticism comes from Crispin Black, who worked for the Joint Intelligence Committee, was an army lieutenant colonel, a military intelligence officer, a member of the Defence Intelligence Staff and a Cabinet Office intelligence analyst who briefed Number 10 on terrorism.

Black says the bombings made UK spies appear “laughable” and left the police looking like “the Keystone Cops”. He claims the UK government’s refusal to accept that its role in the invasion of Iraq had increased the risk of home-grown terrorism meant that MI5 did not look as closely at British radicals in the run-up to the bomb attacks as it should have done.

“The system failed – fatally,” Black said, adding that the biggest error was the “misappreciation of the extent to which the aims and aspirations of international terrorists had penetrated into small elements of the UK’s domestic Muslim population”.

In his new book, 7-7 The London Bombs: What Went Wrong?, Black savages MI5’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) for reducing the UK terrorist threat level just over a month before the suicide bomb attacks. JTAC also claimed that there was no group in the UK with the intention or capability of launching a terror attack. Black said the JTAC decision “took our eye off the ball” and showed that “we have a bad and confused attitude to terrorism”.

“The disturbing thing about this assessment is that it was moving in diametrically the opposite direction to what was about to happen on the ground,” he said, adding that politicians “had set the tone” for such failures. “The entire investigation was a massive failure from beginning to end.

“I felt strongly and still do that we had failed the people killed and wounded that day – badly,” claimed Black. “The way we were organising ourselves to protect our law-abiding citizens against the random and ghastly violence of terror had not worked.”

He is now calling for a public inquiry to examine how mistakes were made.

“We pay [politicians’] salaries first and foremost to make sure that we are safe … They risk forgetting their core function,” he stated.

Black said that Britain “went to sleep” in the run-up to the attacks. The intelligence services had previously monitored the leader of the July 7 bombings, Mohammed Siddique Khan, as part of an anti-terror inquiry, but failed to follow up on his activities.

“The authorities decided that he did not constitute a threat. The lead was tragically not exploited,” said Black.

However, some of the most scathing criticism was reserved for the government’s refusal to accept that Iraq played a part in fomenting home-grown terror.

“We know that MI5 accepts the Iraq war has been a radicalising factor pushing a small number of British Muslims towards violence,” said Black. “But given the government’s absolute unwillingness to accept a link between the British presence in Iraq and terrorism, it would have been difficult for [MI5] expressly to give the correct priority to this question.

“Second, a lack of understanding or inquisitiveness on this matter would also tend to reinforce [now old-fashioned] thinking about Islamist terrorism – that in the UK it is essentially an imported rather than home-grown or semi-homegrown phenomenon.”

Black also lambasted the police and intelligence services for allowing Hussain Osman, one of the alleged July 21 “copy-cat” bombers, to flee the country under their noses. “The object of one of the biggest manhunts in British history was able to escape from the country a few days later on the Eurostar after walking past his own wanted poster in Waterloo Station.”

The way the government “cooked the intelligence books” over the invasion of Iraq played into the hands of terrorists, he said. “It is not just that many people view the war as unjust and illegal, but they believe it was based on a lie. The enabling atmosphere for Islamist terrorism feeds off the way we went to war as well as the perceived nature of the war itself.

“The intelligence scandals could not have been designed better to cause offence, disaffection and alienation among the Muslim community. The irony is that cooking the intelligence books may well be one of the causes of our current difficulties, and one of the most powerful tools we have against terrorism are our intelligence services – compromised by this cavalier approach.”

20 November 2005

Details re Crispin Black are at

Crispin Black worked as an intelligence insider for the Ministry of Defence in Northern Ireland. He later worked at No 10 Downing Street, briefing the Cabine Office and the Joint Intelligence Committee (the top of the intelligence apparatus), for which he was awarded an MBE. He has since appeared frequently on television as an expert the London bombings and other intelligence issues. Crispin Black was educated at Sandhurst and St John's College, Cambridge, and lives in London.

Crispin Black, a former government intelligence analyst, is a director of Janusian Security Risk Management Contact details ( from,14750,1261770,00.html )

Anonymous said...

Hi dsquared,

You said
"However, I do wonder a bit what the point of it all is. Since the four youths did in fact die on the 7/7 trains (if not, where are they?), we know that they got onto them. So I confess to not understanding why it's so important to prove that they couldn't have got onto them in one particular way?"

It is not that there is an attempt to prove that the men couldn't have got onto the trains in 'one particular way' is simply that as things stand, there has been no clearly established proven way that the men got to London.

Therefore, it can't be a fact that they were on those trains and that they consequently died on those trains. This has been taken as a given, but is by no means a certainty either. There have been an astounding lack of witnesses testifying to their presence in both Luton and London. As far as I know, only one 7/7 victim has claimed to have seen one of these men, Sidique Khan. This was after being in a coma for 3 months and suffering a severe head injury.

There should be many people who should have seen the men that day, and much more CCTV footage than we have been shown. The police showed reams of footage from the supposed 'dummy run' of June 28th and yet for the actual event itself, where they claim to be looking for witnesses, they have released the barest minimum of imagery to 'jog people's memories'.

The only one of the men that the police have issued an image of at Kings Cross is Hasib Hussain leaving the Boots store. It is maintained that this image was taken at 9am, but at 9am, Kings Cross was already being evacuated:

'Des Kelly, 52, from Cottenham, arrived at King's Cross at around 9am, just after the first explosion.

He said: "It was awful, people were walking through with blackened faces'

The police also say that at 9am Hasib Hussain was frantically trying to call his accomplices, making his way onto a bus and grabbing a hamburger on his way.,,22989-1749526,00.html

Common sense tells us that Hussain can only have been doing one of these things at 9am, so which was it? Nobody appears to be in much of a panic in the CCTV picture given that the station was being evacuated and it's hard to see why he would be walking out of Boots back onto the station concourse instead of taking the street exit out of Boots if he was heading for either McDonalds or a bus.

The police have released no other imagery or footage of the men at Kings Cross, either standing together talking - as they say they have - or individually of the other three getting onto each train. Given the amount of cameras there are at Kings Cross... is impossible that there should not be the imagery to back up what the police say, yet they refuse to release it.

In answer to the question of where the men are if they did not die on those trains....I have no idea. I am not trying to present an alternative scenario on that issue, I am just saying the one we have been given is not making sense, given the confusion and inaccuracies surrounding it.

Since they were apparently blown to pieces they were identified incredibly quickly. I wonder what their DNA samples were compared with. At a time when only five bodies had been identified, four of those were of these men, based solely, it seems, on some remarkably intact, identifying documentation they helpfully appeared to carry with them.

The police say they were alerted to Luton by a member of the public who reported seeing four men getting out of a car in the station car park. How is this suspicious? Do people not normally get out of their cars in a car park? Also, we are told they travelled in two cars - three men from Leeds in one car and one man from Aylesbury in another, so surely they would not all have been getting out of one car.

The media insist on reporting that the men from Leeds travelled down in the early hours of Thursday 7th. This journey was even reconstructed for a programme about 7/7 broadcast on Channel 5 on September 14th. According to their parents, they left their homes on Tuesday evening. So there is a 24 hour time discrepancy that apparently has no significance.

The media reported that Hasib Hussain was a waster who had been withdrawn from his GCSEs by his school. They also reported that he handed out flyers after 9/11 warning people that they 'would be next'. His ex headmaster gave a statement on July 20th:

"There has been a lot of misinformation spread about this young man," he said. "He did the GCSEs, contrary to reports in the media, and he did not spread leaflets of hate mail around the school. It's just not true."

In fact Hasib Hussain had just passed with distinctions his NVQ exams at college and had just won a place at university.
All of these inconsistencies I have outlined may seem unimportant when viewed out of context, especially if one is inclined to believe the 'official' story, but I can't help wondering why there was so much apparent effort put in to spreading lies about these men - if it is such a certainty that they are suicide bombers then the story should not need bolstering out with fabrications in order to make them seem more likely perpetrators.

The facts should speak for themselves. Unfortunately, as Bridget is demonstrating, the facts in this case are not at all clear.

Johnny said...
"When the two sevens clash - Babylon i.e. England was to disintegrate"

Numeral said...

Hi Anonymous

So Crispin Black was invited onto the Beeb to talk about intelligence failure. Failure? What failure? 7/7 was an intelligence success. We can now be banged up at whim for 28 days instead of only 14.

Bridget said...

In a letter dated the 23/12/05, the PCC informed me that they will shortly consider this complaint and hope to write in the near future with its decision.

Bridget said...

Nothing to report yet, but an update as of 24/1/06 with the following exchange between myself and the PCC:

Dear Ms Dunne

Thank you for your email.

Your complaint is currently being assessed by the Commission as to whether it requires further investigation under the Code, and I hope to be able to write to you in the next two weeks with its decision.

Best wishes
Hannah Beveridge

-----Original Message-----
From: Bridget Dunne []
Sent: 24 January 2006 13:47
To: Hannah Beveridge
Subject: ref: 053470

Dear Ms Beveridge

Re: complaint ref: 053470

You wrote on 13 January 2006 that you would be in touch shortly regarding the matter of my complaint to the PCC.

When you state that the commission is due to meet to consider my complaint, does that mean that I am in the initial assessment stage of the complaints procedure or has an investigation begun?

Yours Faithfully

Ms Bridget Dunne

Anonymous said...


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