Sunday, January 01, 2006

How Independent is Indymedia?

Under the topic of Repression, a member of Indymedia whose nym is Bullshit-Detector posted on 13.12.2005 the following article with the heading NO PUBLIC ENQUIRY FOR 7/7 BOMBINGS:

Clarke rules out July 7 inquiry

There will be no public inquiry into the July 7 terrorist atrocities in London, the Home Office has confirmed.

A spokesperson said: "The Government is not proposing to hold a public inquiry into the events of July 7."

The BBC have reported that the government will instead publish a report based upon information from police and the security services, and civil servants. All very suspicious. It has been denounced by the Muslim association of Britain.

For a more valid intepretation of what happened on 7/7/05, here are some good sources of information:

This article was subsequently 'hidden' on the grounds that it breached Indymedia UK's editorial guidelines.

The editorial guidelines are:
The Independent Media Centre (IMC/Indymedia) UK is an open-publishing platform for news, issues, actions and analysis reporting on grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial social justice, environmental and political issues. IMC UK is maintained by a network of media activists and groups. IMC stands for Independent media center, UK stands for United Kollektives.

Does it strike anyone else that censorship of an article posted under Repression that has a link to this blog is in itself repressive?


Anonymous said...

Indymedia, at least in some countries, 'hides' everything that I've ever attempted to post there. While claiming to be 'open publishing', my stories never seem to show up on the British, Irish, German and Dutch websites. When I spent some time looking I established that they had been hidden. In my view, hiding stories is effectively a way of censoring them, proving that Indymedia does not offer 'open publishing' at all.

Social Democracy Now

Anonymous said...

Until a while ago they would not allow any articles on the situation in china, even when thousands of falun gong practitioners were being murdered for their organs at sujiatun concentration camp, near shenyang in liaoning provence.