Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Reply to FOI Request from the BTP

Here's the reply to my FOI request:
Our Ref: FOI/0041/06/BC

Dear Ms Dunne

With reference to your request dated 27th March 2006 asking:

1. What was the information received at 9 am?

2. What time did the injured arrive at BTP HQ?

3. At what time was the whole area cordoned off?

4. Were any of the injured brought to the BTP HQ from the bus?

I can supply the following information in respect of your questions:

1. At exactly 0900hrs BTP have a logged call about the explosion that occurred on the underground train near Aldgate.

2. The casualties started to arrive at BTP HQ about 20 minutes after the first reports, at approximately 0909hrs.

3. I am afraid that BTP are unable to supply this information as it is not held as prescribed by Section 1 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Whilst three of the explosions happened on the underground network, the explosions occurred within the policed Metropolitan Police district and accordingly MPS put the cordons in place. For an exact time would you have to make a request to them. You can make your request to them by using their Freedom of Information application form at or if you wish BTP can forward your request onto them

4. Yes.

If you have any queries regarding the above information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely
Brian Coleman BA, MSc
Freedom of Information Manager

On 9th April I asked Mr Coleman the following:
Dear Mr Coleman

Thank you for the reply to my FOI request ref: FOI/0041/06/BC.

Could you tell me :

Were the casualties that were brought to the BTP HQ at approx 9.09 am from the train between Russell Square and Kings Cross?

Yes, I would like you to request from the MPS at what time the area was cordoned off.


Bridget Dunne


Numeral said...

Hi Bridget

I am just getting my head around this one. Interesting that casualties arrived at BTP HQ at 0909. That is very early since Rachel North reports getting to the surface and sending a text at 0916. She was in the first batch out from her train. How did the nine get there so quickly?

Are you going to ask how many bus casualties went to BTP HQ?

When Rachel North got out were there casualties already in the station?

Anonymous said...

If one believes that 7-7 is a "black-op", then it's quite safe to assume Tony Blairs spooks will be infiltrating the ranks of the victims and spreading false information to cover up the crime. One should be careful with the the testimony of those that claim to hold important on this event. It might be hard to discern the truth from the fiction.

Remember the 'witness' that said DeMenezes had wired coming out of his coat?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nonny

The point I was making, some what clumsily, was that to get out of a train that exploded sometime after 0850 several hundred metres away from Russell Square and then make it to Tavistock Square by 0909 is very good going. How did they do that? Did they do that in fact? Who were these 9 people? Were they on the Russell Square bound train?

Anonymous said...

1) What were these peoples names?
2) Who took their statements?
3) What are their statements?
4) Where are their statements?
5) What are their addresses?
6) Who 'released' these victims?
7) Is their video footage of the event? If so lets see it (or were the cameras not working that day?)