Monday, April 24, 2006

Casualties Brought to BTP HQ on 7th July

Mr Coleman replied to my FOI request with the following information:
In answer to your question:

Were the casualties that were brought to the BTP HQ at approx 9.09 am from the train between Russell Square and Kings Cross?

BTP can supply the following information.

The first casualty brought to BTP’s HQ was from the Piccadilly Line train.

In respect of your request asking when the area was cordoned off, this request was transferred to the Metropolitan Police Service on 11th April 2006.

Brian Coleman
Freedom of Information manager.

I then sent the following to Mr Coleman:
Your Ref: FOI/0041/06/BC

Dear Mr Coleman

Thank you for your continued time and effort in promptly replying to my inquiries re: BTP HQ's on 7th July 2005.

I have three further FOI requests::

1. Could you please provide the number of the Piccadilly Line train from which casualties were brought to the BTP HQ?

2. At what time were the BTP alerted to the incident at Russell Square?

3. How many casualties were brought to the BTP HQ's from the bus explosion?


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