Monday, March 27, 2006

New July Seventh Truth Campaign Web Site

The research on this site has been incorporated into a new July Seventh website:

Welcome to the July 7th Truth Campaign

A Call for July 7th Truth & Justice

This site was set-up in the wake of the London bombings on July 7th 2005 with the aim of getting to the truth about what really happened in London on the day that 56 people were killed and over 700 injured.

Initial reports from train operating companies announced that the devastation on the Underground was the result of train collisions, electrical failures and power surges. Shortly after the explosion of a number 30 bus at 9.47am, outside the British Medical Association headquarters in Tavistock Square, a very different version of events began to unfold.

What do we want and who are we to demand it?

In his book, '7-7 The London Bombs - What went wrong?', former government intelligence officer, Lt. Col. Crispin Black, wrote:
"We need an official inquiry - now. Not a whitewash inquiry like Lord Hutton's. Or a punch-pulling inquiry like Lord Butler's. But an inquiry run by plain Mr or Mrs somebody."
This site and the associated investigation forum was set-up by a collective of plain Mr, Mrs and Ms somebodies comprising concerned residents and independent public researchers, all with the single aim of getting to the truth behind what happened on July 7th through an Independent People's Inquiry.


Anonymous said...

I checked out the site.
Its horrible!

The planning, lay out and navagivability are terrible.

Throw it in the bin. Redo the whole thing or just trash it.

Stick to the blogs.

It does those that question 7/7 no good at all.

Bridget said...

@ Anonymous

Thanks for the feedback and for checking it out, it is a work in progress.

All comments welcome.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I wasn't clear which site I went to. It was the forum. Its the forum thats horrible.

The site is actually quite good.

Sorry again.

Anonymous said...

and in fact the site does a splendid job in laying out the possibilities of what happened and what was reported of, about that day. is the bees knees. :D well done.

Stef said...

Whatever the format, just keep this stuff alive please

It's worth it

Bridget said...

Hi Stef

Thanks for the comment and encouragement, always appreciated. I have another reply from the anti-terrorist squad that I am about to post and my reply.

Anonymous, glad you like the J7 site. Comments are always welcome.