Sunday, March 26, 2006

FOIA Request to The Met

On March 26th I sent the following FOIA request to the Metropolitan Police:

1. Why does the police website still show that the explosion on the Piccadilly Line train on 7th July 2005 happened by the first set of double doors on carriage one?

2. What was the number of the train and carriage of the Piccadilly Line train that the explosion happened on on 7th July 2005?

3. The police website states that two trains were involved in the incident on 7th July 2005 at Edgware Road, when the blast tore through a tunnel wall into a train on an adjoining platform. Was anyone injured or killed in this other train?

4. Have details of the type of explosives and detonators used in the 4 incidents on 7th July been officially released?

5. Was a second controlled explosion carried out on a device found on the Number 30 bus in Tavistock Square on 7th July 2005?
I will post their response as soon as I receive it.

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